I can name a thousand differences between Oshkosh, WI / Rock Island, IL and Mexico City, Mexico.  But only one difference matters: the fact that our family’s grandchildren/nephew/niece/cousins/friends … yes, the beloved Dexter and Alexandra, are not living there.

1,500 miles is a long way away from home, but we are hoping the Daily Dex website will dissolve a few of those miles and keep Dexter’s & Alex’s fan club happy with daily updates and photos.

For the time being, Dex & Alex via Daily Dex {+Alex} is pacifying the masses.

I am also eternally grateful that, in an attempt keep our family from missing the most exciting moments of our babies’ ever-developing little lives, I have started a family album that would knock the socks off any hard copy album I could have made.

Family Foto Favorite



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Beautiful family!!!!
    And I’m not even related 🙂

  2. Love your photos–they are absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful use of light 🙂

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