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Last weekend we took our first vacation, just the 3 … err, 5 of us.

That’s right – 2 adults, 2 dogs and 1 baby.

To celebrate a friend’s birthday, a group of 14 of us rented a hacienda in Malinalco.  It was beautiful, tranquil and something straight out of a postcard.  And then our family showed up.

Chloe got into a “scuffle” with one of the hacienda dogs. Twice.  Charlie very happily dropped the balls that flew out of the paddle-ball court into the pool.  Every time.  And Dexter developed a temporary dislike for his portacrib, which lasted about the duration of the trip.  Our friends were kind enough to say they never heard him cry at night.  But in a building made of stone and concrete with open-air hallways, I am certain they were just being nice … very nice.

Despite the craziness, we really did have a fantastic weekend.  It was so refreshing to get out of the city and spend time with friends.

We even had a chance to snap a few photos (well, OF COURSE we took photos!)