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Dexter still hates tummy time.  But Grandpa Arled insists we must keep trying.  I believe him – not only is he an excellent doctor, but he and Linda also raised three boys who seem to have developed all the necessary skills for crawling, walking and just general day-to-day activities.

But I hate, hate , HATE hearing my baby cry … even more, to make him cry.  I much prefer the “hero” role.  I can swoop in and solve just about any cry with a bottle, big hug, or a game of peek-a-boo.

Dave and I tried slowly rolling him on his tummy (hoping he wouldn’t realize his new position).  But by the third try he had us figured out and was clearly pleading for me to save him.  I think I am beginning to hate tummy time as much as Dexter.

Please … send your tips on how to convince a three-month old that tummy time is exciting.

Try #1

Try #2

Try #3