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One of the first times I met Grandma Nora, she looked at Dave and said (in spanish), “Your girlfriend is pretty, I think you two should give me a baby.”  We had only been dating a short time, so I didn’t know if I should pretend to not have understood … it looked like Dave was doing the same.

But our nervous laughs only seemed to give her encouragement and she began insisting – INSISTING – that we give her a baby.  I’m talking fists to table, extreme eye contact I WANT A BABY … just a little “muñeca”.

6 years later, I’m so happy to say that she finally met her little muñeca that she had predicted long before Dave and I ever gave him a thought.

It is with the heaviest heart that we tearfully say goodbye to our beloved Grandma Nora.  You will be missed, cherished and never forgotten.

We love you always.