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Poor Dexter was ripped from his crib last night as my mother-in-law, Linda, and I scrambled out the door in a panic while all of Mexico City “earthquaked”.  The scene looked like something out of a movie: the floor seemed like jello as I tried to get my balance, the power went out instantly and the Christmas tree was saved by a meager string attaching it to the ceiling (in case the dogs were to ever run into it).

With my roots in the midwest, the thought of an earthquake still terrifies me as I always envision the streets just opening up and gobbling anything in the vicinity.  Fortunately nothing even close to that occurred and aside from no power and super limited cell phone service (imagine 20 million people instantly on their phones at the same time), we were inconvenienced very little.  However, I just read an Associated Press article (here) about people in Condesa (our neighborhood) joining in prayer circles and giant group hugs.  We didn’t see those, nor we were invited to one.

After we all calmed down and saw that no buildings were going to collapse, we went back inside.  Thank goodness Dexter fell back asleep quickly as Linda and I were in desperate need of some wine to calm our nerves!  But Dex is not accustomed to interrupted sleep and had a tough time staying asleep all night.  Since he has been sleeping through the night since he’s been 3 months old, I also am not accustomed to interrupted sleep.

I’ll save you all the horror and only post a picture of Dexter after his “eventful” evening.

Baby’s first Earthquake!