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Between Grandma Linda and Grandma Renee, we have had a Grandma with us since the first week of December.

Today is the first day …. just. the. three. of. us.

Between 6am and 7:30am we wake up, get ready, get Dexter ready, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, feed the baby, pack the bags, think about dinner (but don’t act on the thought), walk Dex to daycare, walk to work.

After arriving to work I think about weather the bag next to me is my purse or the diaper bag, followed quickly by the hope that whichever bag it is has a pair of heels … or I will be going to my morning meeting in a pencil skirt and tennis shoes.

Somebody reassure me this morning routine will get better … (!)

One thing is for certain, we ALL are wishing we were having a morning like this instead: