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Yesterday a sweet little present came in the mail from my good friend, Jess.  It was a book called Mother to Son and it has little sayings and advice from baby through high school.

The baby quotes made me smile, but the high school quotes made me tear up … I can’t even imagine Dexter all grown up!

In the Beginning

Know that your job in life is to feed him, love him, and point him in the right direction

Be ready for him to wake up hungry. Boys eat more than you can imagine, even as babies.

Keep lots of soft towels handy.  He’s a drooling machine

The Toddler Years

If you want him to listen to you when he’s a teenager, teach him to listen to you now.

He will try to drag a hose from the sandbox to living room.  Discourage this.

Grade School

Walk him to school for as long as he’ll let you

He will want you to feel his muscles.  Tell him he’s a hunk.

Middle School

State in your harshest mother-voice, that under no circumstances, in this lifetime, may he jump off any roof into a pool.

Know that left unattended for one second, however, he will jump off the roof into the nearest pool.

High School

He doesn’t need a radar detector.  If he gets speeding tickets, he needs to slow down.

If he does get a ticket, don’t try to get it fixed.  Send him to court.  Wearing a tie.