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When Dexter was first born he would sleep around the clock, especially if we put him in his carseat or stroller.  Dinners out were a breeze – we just made sure he was snuggled in and voi-la … evening out just like the pre-baby days.

That was a short-lived phase.  Now our dinners out with Dex include a quick clearing of the table before a juggling act of eating/trying to keep the steak knife out of his mouth.


I try to avoid ordering anything that would require a steak knife.  One handed eating – fish, pasta, a sandwich – whatever can easily be waved out of his ever-reaching hands.

And then, just the other day, he fell asleep while we were out.  It was a little unexpected, but very welcomed.  And it made me a tad nostalgic for those itty-bitty Dexter days.

Only 4 days old, the stroller straps covered his whole body.

Sound asleep in his carseat.

He even fell asleep on boat rides.

One of my favorite Sleepy Dex pics