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Last weekend was the first opportunity we had to celebrate our 3rd-year anniversary.  We took it and ran … straight out of the city!  We were all craving some sun, grass and swimming after 2 solid months of rainy season.

We went to Cuernavaca, found ourselves an adorable hacienda/hotel with a great pool and lots of grass, and reveled in the quaintness of our new setting.  I never imagined that “grass” would be an amenity I would search out, but I realized that I could count on one hand the number of times Dexter had ever touched it.

Until last weekend we had never had a true family vacation, just the 3 of us … and it was wonderful!

Dexter wanted to walk everywhere!

Walking with Daddy to the pool

Dex and Alligator chatting with Daddy

(Mikhi, don’t look!) Dave is sporting a watch tanline that could bring our dermotologist sister-in-law to tears

Dex just wanted to roam in the grass … there was very little carrying this weekend!

So much happier walking!