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As most of you know, today is Halloween.  A day to dress up as something funny, popular or offensive, drink more than you should, all while trying not to notice all the scantily-dressed nurses and witches running around.

Since Dex is a couple years away from that Halloween, we decided to dress him up as a cute little three-eyed monster and ship him off to day care with the rest of the little skeletons and baby geishas.

Friday is Mexico’s Day of the Dead, so the day care was done-up with the traditional skeletons (Calaveras) and an alter (ofrenda) with food and drink for the dead and the hungry.  The skeletons were part of a take home project for the parents and, to Mandy’s dismay, her glitter skeleton did not take home first place.  In her defense, we didn’t have time to custom-make an elaborate dress for a paper skeleton, but those who did really made some neat calaveras.

Happy Halloween!