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Dexter has turned into quite the little helper recently.  He loves to mimic anything I do – sweep, wipe the floor, pour ingredients into bowls.  And, as soon as he poured the sugar into the bowl, he immediately licked the measuring cup. (side note: I don’t lick the measuring cups and spoons – that was all on his own!)

If he thinks the measuring cups tastes good, I can only imagine his surprise when he discovers the joy of licking the beaters!  I know, I know … you’re not supposed to do it (raw egg …) but I can’t help it and do after I mix every batch of cookies.

I won’t teach it to Dexter, but if he discovers it on his own, I just don’t think I could take away one of the greatest rewards of baking!

2013 02 22 Rewards of Baking-1