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What does iPad mean in your house?  After Grandma and Grandpa’s last visit, it now is the glowing screen in which none other than EH-MOOOOO (translated: Elmo) comes to life.

Essentially, iPad = Elmo.

Keep in mind that while the scene below with Grandma Linda looks sweet, Dexter worked his way into that Elmo-snuggle-cuddle session by requesting Elmo on repeat …

“Eh-Mo?”  “Eh-Mo?”  “Eh-Mo?”  “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?”
“Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?” “Eh-Mo?”

He has proven to be able to realign stars and launch rockets with about two swipes of his fingers on any electronic device, so we tread lightly with telling him “no” around the iPad!

2013 03 19 iPad's True Meaning-1