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I try to keep this blog cheerful, happy and optimistic.  Most of our fans barely ever get to see Dexter and Alex and I certainly don’t want to leave you any reason to doubt your bragging of your favorite toddler-baby duo.

But I would be fooling everyone if I said THIS never happens.

Dexter was upset because I wouldn’t let him uproot my plants on the terrace while I snapped a few pictures of Alex.

I like this little photo series because you can see the progression of sincerely hurt … to upset … to angry … to getting-over-it.  A typical 60-second roller coaster of emotions that a 2 year old experiences!

2013 06 15 Cry Face-1 2013 06 15 Cry Face-2 2013 06 15 Cry Face-5 2013 06 15 Cry Face-3 2013 06 15 Cry Face-4