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The last few weeks we’ve noticed a subtle change in Dexter’s appearance when we pick him up from the daycare … his hair is more and more styled each day he goes home.

In Mexico, everyone’s shoes are polished and their hair is perfectly, firmly in place.  A certain formality in an otherwise very chaotic city.  I like it.

But our free-flowing-hair family apparently isn’t meeting the cultural standards (and don’t even get me started on what outcasts our feet have become because I am too cheap to drop the $18 pesos it would take to buff back their shine).

But (gasp!) I had no idea we were passing our sub-par style to Dexter as well.  Thank goodness for his sweet teachers at daycare who gel him right up each morning!

Take a look at this dapper little boy.  His birth certificate says USA, but his hair says MEXICO!

Note: This is not the first time my gringa-mothering style has been put to question … remember this post? (Here)